Mary Machinegun Issue 3 LIVE on Kickstarter! #2

The Story Thus Far…

Beaten and broken after being defeated by Charlotte, Mary wakes to find herself in the hidden lair of the Valkyrie. She then begins the journey of healing and being trained in the ways of the Valkyrie. While Mary is recovering, Charlotte (determined to prove to Einar and Ophelia that she was truly destined to be the chosen one over Mary) takes over where Mary left off and hunts down the remaining members of the wolf pack. Buckle up for Mary Machinegun Issue 3!

Did you miss Mary Machinegun issue 1 or 2 the first time around?  We have you covered with a re-offering of Mary Machinegun: Reloaded and/or Mary Machinegun issue 2. 

Mary Machinegun Issue 3 is a 36 page beast of art and story! Art and colors are by Fern Cord (Mary  Machinegun, Human Hunters and Ninja Bimbos), flat colors by Carol Cord (Mary Machinegun, Human Hunters and Ninja Bimbos and  Neo Tokyo: The Truth is a Virus), written by Max DeVill (Mary  Machinegun, Knightingdale,Human Hunters and Ninja Bimbos) and by Johnnie Reed (Mary  Machinegun, Human Hunters and Ninja Bimbos) with lettering by Es Kay (The Listener, XCT, The  Camelot Gang).  Mary Machinegun Issue 3 continues Mary and Charlotte’s adventures. This issue is filled with even more twists and turns.  Please, check out all our various covers and offerings below.  Any one of them would be perfect for yourself or even for a gift. 

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