Ninja Bimbos vs Zombies from Deep Space issue 1 LIVE on Kickstarter!

In Ninja Bimbos Vs. Zombies from Deep Space, we enter a horrific world were zombies roam free, grazing on the living and where survivors will do anything and at times even sacrifice their own humanity to endure.

Ninja Bimbos Vs. Zombies from Deep Space is a revelation of boundless creativity which follows the escapades of five exotic dancers: Donna, Alexis, Mika, Rachel and Lea.  After their world is suddenly changed forever:  Meteorites bombard New York City releasing a radioactive gas which turns half of the populace into flesh starved zombies and the remaining fleeing for their lives. The Ninja Bimbos must battle their way through the street of New York City, escaping zombies and the crazed masses in search of sanctuary.

NB vs ZDS Issue 1 is a 28 page ride through gore, comedy, and sexy women slaughtering zombies. Art is provided by Alex Santana (Atrocity Press welcomes his premiere), inking by Fran Cord (Mary Machinegun, Human Hunters) flat colors by Carol Cord (Mary Machinegun, Human Hunters), Adam Ramos makes his debut with colors, written by Johnnie Reed (Mary Machinegun, Human Hunters) and Max DeVill (Mary Machinegun, Human Hunters) with lettering by Es Kay (The Listener, XCT, Mary Machinegun, Human Hunters).

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