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Classic Monsters fight against the most dangerous monsters of all:  Humans.  In this issue, the crew put together a heist to return a priceless vase stolen during WWII.

Human Hunters Issue 1 is a 34 page monster of intense art and story. Art is provided by Mateus Duarte (Neo-Tokyo: The Truth is a Virus), inking by Fran Cord (Neo Tokyo: The Truth is a Virus) flat colors by Carol Cord (Mary Machinegun, Neo Tokyo: The Truth is a Virus), Adam Ramos makes his debut with colors, written by Johnnie Reed (Mary Machinegun, Teenage Ninja Babes vs Zombies from Deep Space) and Max DeVill (Mary Machinegun, Teenage Ninja Babes vs Zombies from Deep Space, Knightingdale) with lettering by Es Kay (The Listener, XCT, The Camelot Gang).

Who are the Human Hunters?

“For centuries I have walked the earth, searching for others like myself. Like minded individuals, who are as weary as I of how depraved this world has become. Those who are tired of hiding from those mortals who wish to end our existence. Damning us for simply being different. We are not the monsters they claim we are… and in truth, the humans are truly the monsters. They are more capable of being depraved and lascivious than we could ever conceptualize. Now, it is our time to step away from the shadows, it is our time to show these ‘hunters’ that they are nothing more than prey.”


“For centuries I was nothing more than the sleeping princess of fairy tales. Then I was awakened by the dark prince into a brave new world. A world filled with wonder and science. I have whole heartedly embraced this new world and I am now a mistress of its technology. I will now use my skills to punish those individuals that deserve it.” 


“They called us savages, hunting us down like animals – taking our lands and freedom. Now it is time for retribution and for them to see what a true animal is.”

Jacy Black

“Since my rebirth from the waters of my Scottish homeland, I have lived many secret lives. Struggling to survive the dangers of this wretched world. Then he came into my life. The dark paladin of my dreams. I will be eternally grateful for all that he has done and will willfully join him in his hunt.” 

Kirstine Sinclair

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