Mary Machinegun Trade Paperback Hitting Kickstarter In Mid May!!

Fern Cord is currently working on the epic special cover for the Trade Paperback now!  When the cover is complete we will be building the Kickstarter and getting it ready to rock!

The cover shows Mary in all of her different costumes worn throughout the storyline as well as Charlotte and Ophelia.  This is going to be an epic cover that you’re not going to want to miss!!

SFW Version

The Safe For Work version of the book will be just that!  Completely safe for work!  The nudity and adult materials have been removed from the book – although the dialogue is still maintained – so if you don’t like R rated cursing, you’re just assed out of luck.  If you like the nudity then you’re going to want to get…

NSFW Version

The Not Safe For Work version will have ALL of the nudity and naughty language in tact.  If you want the full Mary Machinegun experience then this is the way to read the story – think of it as a “director’s cut”.

Enter Dark America

We will also be adding an 8 page “post credit scene” for the trade!  It is an 8-page story that shows Dark America getting her costume, trademark 1911’s and her name!  You’re definitely going to love this!

Check out the sample page below!

Want to check out the Mary Machinegun trailer?  It’s only like 30 seconds long and definitely worth your time if you want to get PUMPED about the book!

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