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The Story Thus Far…

After the events of Mary Machinegun  and the first few pages of Mary Machinegun Issue 2 – Mary is now not only hunting down werewolves, but is about to be hunted by her own order!  Will she have time to stop the menace to humanity, or will the menace of humanity stop Mary before she can finish her task?  Find out in Mary Machinegun Issue 2!  

Did you miss Mary Machinegun issue 1 the first time around?  No problem!  We have you covered with Mary Machinegun: Reloaded!  The previous printing of Mary Machinegun has a lettering error or two and Mary Machinegun: Reloaded brings Es Kay to the Mary Machinegun Team to not only fix those small errors, but he brings a whole new level of life to the lettering.

Mary Machinegun Issue 2 is a 42 page monster of art and story! Art and colors are by Fern Cord (Mary Machinegun, Chariot Studio), flat colors by Carol Cord (Mary Machinegun, Neo Tokyo: The Truth is a Virus), written by Max DeVill (Mary Machinegun, Knightingdale), Edited by Johnny Reed (stolen from the corporate world) with lettering by Es Kay (The Listener, XCT, The Camelot Gang).  Mary Machinegun Issue 2 promises and delivers on tons more action and drama.  (Seriously, about 80% of this book is action for you action junkies).  Check out the covers and other offerings below.  Any one of them would be perfect for a bad girl comic collector.

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