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Human Hunters 4 – Coming SOON to Kickstarter!

Get ready for the most brutal Human Hunters issue yet with issue 4.  In this issue we follow Freyja and her origin on how she joined the Human Hunters group.  We travel all the way back to Salem in 1692 during the Salem Witch trials.  Freyja is accused of witchcraft and must endure the suburbs of Hell while trying to find a way to escape.  Will she escape before she dies from her torture and interrogations?

Find out in issue 4 of Human Hunters, coming to Kickstarter this month!

With covers by Fabio Simao, Mateus Duarte, Courtney Rose, and Gregbo Watson you can’t miss on grabbing a super sexy cover to bring to it’s forever home!  SFW and NSFW variations will be available.  Interior artwork by Mateus Duarte, colors by Adam Ramos.  Written by Johnnie Reed and Max DeVill.

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